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    Czech Journal of Civil Engineering is an online journal and its aim is to publish the results of studies of scientists, scholars and students in the following fields of civil engineering:

  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Geotechnics
  • Building Construction
  • Architecture
  • Physical and Building Materials Engineering
  • Constructions and Traffic Structures
  • Water Management and Water Structures
  • Installations
  • Civil Engineering Management
  • Technology, Mechanisation and Construction Management

    • and other related topics.

      ISSN 2336-7148

      Because of the quality of your contributions, we will aim for including the journal into the internationally recognized databases as soon as possible.

    Instructions for Contributors

      The contribution should not be longer than 6 pages of the A4 format (formatted according to the attached template). In case of a more extensive contribution, it is necessary to consult it with the chief editor and provide justification. The contribution can be written in Czech, Slovak or English languages. Please download and use one of the following templates in accordance with the selected language. You will find all the formal requirements on the contributions there.

      The contributions have to be in the following format: Surname_Name.docx. Please send your contribution by e-mail to cjce@scientificjournals.eu.

      All the submitted contributions will go through double blind review process. The contributors will be informed about all possible changes that are necessary before publishing of the contribution.


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    Review process 8 – 14 December 2018
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    Publication of the journal 31 December 2018

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